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• Widest range of diameters (2”-24”) in this technology.

• Pipe retains original metallurgical properties (no weakening or              brittleness) with no heat-affected zone.

• Joint becomes strongest part of pipeline with a double-wall                  (exceeding API minimum yield by 50%).

• Less than 1 minute per joint connection.

• No X-Rays required

• Assembly along right-of-way or by pulling assembled pipe.

• No internal coating repair required (100% Holiday-Free)

• Fixed based (pipe-mill) or mobile (pipe-yard) prepping operations.

• Over 10 thousand miles in use with no reported failures.

• Multiple third-party tests and certifications during the past 30 years.


The Sure Lock process can be utilized to join line pipe diameters from 2” – 24”.


Depending on pipe diameter and terrain conditions, a joint can be assembled in approximately a minute or less. Under favorable conditions, the Sure Lock process can average 100-150 joints per day or better.


Sure Lock’s ambient temperature joint process does not compromise pipe metallurgy and therefore prevents hardening and brittleness (no “heat-affected”) zone. As a result, the Sure Lock joint can expand and contract in unison with the rest of the pipe thus preserving the integrity of the joint.


The Sure Lock joint creates a double-wall which, in turn becomes the strongest part of a pipeline with the least possible risk of corrosion or metal fatigue.


• On site at pipe mill or pipe coating facility

• Offsite self-contained operation if required

• Enclosed or open-air location

• No external power, water or resources required

• Performed in ambient temperature conditions


Field assembly is preformed in conjunction with right-of-way construction and pipe laying.

There are two types of field assembly:

     •  Mobile (piep-to-pipe)

     •  Stationary (pull pipe)


Both Mobile and Stationary field assembly can operate using two heavy equipment operators and four Sure Lock operators.


Sure Lock’s proprietary epoxy serves a number of functions.

• Seals the joint preventing product leakage

• Lubricates during insertion

• Fills any galling created during bell formation or otherwise

Sure Lock’s proprietary epoxy benefits

• Completely cured within 24 hours

• Inert when cured

• Retains flexibility allowing for contraction/expansion with the steel, therefore ensuring that the joint remains sealed regardless of temperature fluctuations

• Available in different environment-specific formulations (cold, tropical, desert) 


The Sure Lock process allows adjustment of epoxy trap size via adjustment of insertion depth to account for particular pipe quality /behavior.


The Sure Lock joint is able to be used throughout the entire range of API rated pipe; from “B” through “X-60” and delivers a joint which exceeds the API minimum yield requirements in Bulletin 5C3 Sec. 3 by over 50%.


The Sure Lock joint exceeds the specifications set under API, ASME, ANSI and ASTM, and has been the subject of numerous, successful tests by independent laboratories in the USA as well as in Russia (All Russian Scientific Research Institute For Natural Gases and Gas Technologies), Japan (Sumitomo  Metal Technology Inc.) and Mexico (Pemex NRFT001T2007 & NRFT030T2009).


The Sure Lock joint has received various reviews, endorsements and certifications from the U.S  Department of Transportation, Federal Services for Environmental Industrial and Nuclear Supervision (GosGorTechNadzor) of Russia and the ABS Quality Management Testing Group in Mexico.


Model M-26


Model M-48


Model M-812


Model M-1016


Model M-1620

Model M-2024

(2” – 6”) shown 


(4” – 8”)


(8” – 12”)


(10” – 16”)


(16”– 20”)

(20”– 24”)

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