Sure Lock's pipe preparation is customarily executed in conjunction with the coating process.


Sure Lock's pipeline assembly is performed in conjunction with right-of-way construction and pipe laying.




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The “Sure Lock” mechanical pipe-joint is 35-year-old alternative to the welding of steel pipe for gas and liquids pipelines. Sure Lock’s value proposition is simple – it’s up to ten times faster than welding which translates into huge time-to-revenue improvement for operators.


The Sure Lock process is simple. It begins with the preparation of the pipe - the tapering of one end of the pipe and the belling of the other end without affecting the metallurgy of the pipe. Pipe preparation can take place at the pipe-mill, coating plant or any other location (it is a self-contained system) and therefore does not add time to the project. For assembly of the pipeline in the field, a proprietary epoxy is added to the taper and the tapered and belled ends are then joined using hydraulic force. Both the preparation and assembly process are conducted at ambient temperatures.


Once joined using the Sure Lock system, pipe is held together by the mechanical interference (friction) created when one pipe is inserted into the other while the epoxy creates an airtight seal which keeps the gas or liquid in the pipe from escaping. The simplicity is impressive.


The following videos of our most recent 193km 16” pipeline assembled in Colombia illustrate the simplicity of each of the preparation and assembly processes.


In summary…


  • A faster, safer, more robust and cost effective multi-diameter steel pipe joint technology

  • Over 35 years, millions of joints (over ten thousand miles) of tested and certified experience

  • Dramatic operator time-to-revenue improvement

  • Steel pipe metallurgy unaltered integrity